OMG UK & GOA Marketing Partner On Bespoke Paid Search Auditing Check

Collaboration will supercharge first party audience strategies

Omnicom Media Group UK (OMG UK) has partnered with specialist MarTech, GOA Marketing on The OMG Search Toolkit – which combines GOA’s technology, with OMG UK’s decades of performance expertise, and developed a bespoke paid search auditing check, unique to OMG UK clients. All OMG UK clients have access to the technology in order to optimise their PPC performance.

The partnership reflects the changing paid search landscape, in which the proliferation of automation and data has meant new tools are required to create market leading work. Populating these automated systems with reliable and current first-party data to set more accurate target audiences and informed bidding strategies is becoming a crucial facet of success, enabling brands to differentiate from the competition. 

GOA’s proprietary paid search auditing software, which powers The OMG Search Toolkit, will provide comprehensive evaluations, conducting a more granular analysis of data points across Google Ad accounts. Collecting, analysing, and using data is what separates the superheroes from the amateurs of paid search marketing, allowing access to unbiased, real-time and detailed analysis that will maximise the health of paid search campaigns to deliver better results. 

GOA was chosen for its unique ability to add checks bespoke to OMG UK clients on a focused set of measurements and fully integrate into its current systems. The check OMG UK designed with GOA focuses on analysing client audiences, identifying gaps in first party data strategy, and identifying where new or improved lists would most impact performance. The partnership will prove a unique point of difference for OMG UK clients who are able to access the GOA platform for no additional cost. The service has been confirmed as available up until February 2023. 

Guy Tonkin, Managing PartnerResolution Media UK at OMG UK said: “By partnering with GOA Marketing, on The OMG Search Toolkit, we are able to facilitate a way for our teams to quickly, and easily identify the most impactful optimisations for our clients, as well as making sure automation technology is laser focused on our client’s specific needs. The bespoke check allows our teams to analyse and identify the most impactful audiences for our clients, and build targeting strategies around them, which can make all the difference in an increasingly competitive landscape. This takes our team closer to the golden rule of getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time. As a result, GOA is helping brands save money, while delivering results that matter. It will make all the difference.”

Dan Chorlton, CEO and Co-founder at GOA Marketing added: “Online, every data point is a potential insight that offers a tactical advantage over the rest of the pack. Taking the time to scrutinise and optimise your account can turn ‘average’ results into performance that exceeds expectations. GOA has already identified huge upsides in performance for OMG UK’s clients, and we’re eager to see what else this partnership will yield in the long term.”

Source: GOA Marketing

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