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KSV Doubles Down on Sustainability Expertise By Joining Forces with Creative Studio: We Ride at Dawn

KSV, a full-service marketing & advertising, women-owned, B Corporation-certified agency just powered-up with a heaping can of (organic) spinach—also known as We Ride at Dawn (WRAD), an award-winning creative content outpost specializing in outdoor, active lifestyle based out of Boulder, Colo..

The KSV + WRAD partnership was born out of a desire to bring decades of sustainability expertise into the outdoor space.  And with the month of June recognized as Great Outdoors Month, the announcement could not come at a better time.

The partnership will create more opportunity for outdoor & purpose-driven brands looking to make an immediate & positive impact on the world around them.

Over the past decade, KSV has gained some serious sustainability momentum, helping states like New York and Massachusetts make giant strides toward meeting carbon reduction goals through the adoption of renewable and clean energy technologies and more energy efficient practices.

The creative agency’s work with the American Forest Foundation garnered countless new donors and helped expose the true value of our nation’s forests. Ongoing efforts with Hunger Free VT has helped shatter the stigma surrounding food assistance and put meals in every school through the universal school meals program.

 As climate change continues to negatively impact the health of our planet, countless brands and organizations look to play a critical role in encouraging more people to be stewards of the world around them.

Erin Fagnant, KSV CEO and Partner explains, “Our sustainability expertise will bring added strength to WRAD client’s who are expanding into this space including e-bikes. We are also helping this partnership is going to help us get back to our roots a bit. We have deep experience in the ski industry specifically having worked with Okemo, Sugarbush, Stowe…. the ski industry is one that is, of course, under threat of climate change so it’s about bringing all of our worlds together. “

Dirtvana,” a recent campaign We Ride at Dawn executed for Mongoose, highlights the capabilities and potential of the KSV + WRAD partnership to do exactly that: plant the seed, set the hook and foster the kind of connection to the outdoors that leads to impactful, monumental change.

“We believe championing an emotional connection between humans and the outdoors fosters passion and protection for the natural world. One of the biggest ways we can use our advertising and marketing expertise for good is to help our clients make those lasting connections,” Fagnant adds.

“If you love something, you stand up for it. You guard it. You keep it from harm. People protect what they love. If you love the Earth, you will do right by it. So, let’s help more people fall in love with the outside world,” Nick Bruskewitz, We Ride at Dawn’s Founder, said.

“We play an important role in understanding what motivates people to take action and helping people see the value in choosing products that are better for the environment and ultimately enrich their own lives. And that is what drives our mission,” Kevin Willard, KSV Chief Creative Officer, said.

Helping purpose-driven brands in the outdoor space create meaningful relationships with their audiences through life-changing experiences out in the natural world is a huge opportunity for KSV + WRAD to make an impact that truly matters. Because we all know what happens once that seed gets planted, and that adventure under the sky is embarked on. That hook is set—the forests, rivers, roadways, streams, mountaintops, and beauty of our great wide-open spaces will surely take care of the rest.

As the appetite for premium, fast and effective storytelling increases, agencies need to innovate and adapt. The partnership with We Ride at Dawn is an evolutionary response to this issue. With a core focus on the output of best-in-class creative storytelling and a bespoke—no two problems are the same—approach to getting there, WRAD brings a non-agency model into a full-service agency.  

We Ride at Dawn’s client roster has included project-based work for active outdoor brands like Puma, Schwinn, Mongoose bikes, Espro, American Kitchen, Whoop, and Cervelo. 

Source: KSV

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