Orange and Marcel treat you to their Menu Open.

Open is Orange’s mobile + home plan, and comes with its exclusive discount, as well as the possibility to customize it according to you household’s needs (phones, data plans, broadband speed, entertainement extras…).
A very complete offer, with a good notoriety : the challenge was to highlight the many advantages of Open, hidden behind its apparent complexity.

Marcel and Orange went behind the stove to turn Open into something familiar, something immediately understandable…. a menu! Whether we are in a restaurant or ordering on the phone, whether the cuisine is Indian, Japanese or Mexican, the familiarity we have with menus allows us to decode them in a flash. And to know that, when we take a menu, it’s going to be cheaper!

In a perfectly seasoned campaign, the Open offer becomes the Open Menu.
The TV film, directed by Ales- sandro de Leo (Colors), takes place in a new kind of kitchen, halfway between an Orange corner and a restaurant kitchen… After the hostess has taken an order on the phone, the team members start making the Open Menu ordered, with rhythm and precision. Once packaged in his kraft bag, the menu arrives at home, ready to be enjoyed by a family. A lively, funny and dynamic film that makes a not-so-easy-to-understand- product- offer clear.

On print, the Open Menu is embodied by a kraft paper delivery bag, sublimated by Peter Lippmann, where the ticket displays the Open Menu composed for this order… and its discount!

In digital, 3 OLVs go into more detail about the offer’s advantages : its à la carte customization, its exclusive discount, and the quality of its ingredients. The 3 OLVs come with a twist : the codes of fooding videos have been diverted to talk about the Open Menu.

The campaign has started in April, and deployed in TV, print, digital, social media and in stores.

Commercial & POS Communication and Creation Chief: Quentin Delobelle
Advertising Director: Ombline Thomine-Desmazures
Video Production Manager: Caroline Fortabat
Print Production Manager: Emmanuelle Issartelle
Advertising Manager: Marie Tréguier
Co-Presidents: Pascal Nessim, Charles Georges-Picot
Chief Creative Officers: Gaëtan du Peloux & Youri Guerassimov
Creative Director: Xavier  Le Boullenger
Head of Digital: Eulalia Bartolomeu 
Business Director:  Eric Guillod 
Copywriter: Grégory James 
Art Director: Jules Perron
In-Store Art Director: Morgane Prottengeier 
Digital Art Director: Clément Lebon
Layout Artists: Christophe Gillon et Matthieu Andrieu
Social Media Creative: Calliste Garrabos
Account Director: Solène Raverdy
Account Manager: Marie Villemin
Strategic Planner: Margaux Grenouilloux 
Project Director: Eva Castrillo
Project Manager: Elena Graffeuille

Publicis Conseil 
Executive Creative Director: Fabrice Delacourt 
Client Lead:  Anne Dauvé 
Production : Colors
Director: Alessandro De Leo
Executive Producer: Jules Dieng
Production Director: Arnaud Lemene
DOP: Nico Poulson 
Stylist: La Smala
Prod Service Belgium: Abyssal
Lead Editors: Jon Echeveste, Hugo Beron
Post-production Director: Pauline Le Vaguerèse
Color Grading: Arthur Paux
Final Editing/VFX: Small by Mc Guff, Gabriel Thiebaut
Sound Producer: Joël Tessonneau (Prodigious)
Soung Engineer: Olivier Vehert (Prodigious)
Photographer: Peter Lippmann
Retoucher: Sylvain Roux

Source: Marcel

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