Brazilian beer brand presents Petra Milk: a new way of consuming the grain that gives rise to Petra Malt beer.

In Brazil, FIFA World Cup is a long-awaited event by both sports fans and beer brands, as there is a natural appeal to the consumption of their products. And Brazilians love cheering with beer.

But this year, due to big the time zone difference with Qatar, the first games take place at 07:00 (Brazil’s time), which is definitely not the perfect time for a beer.

Talking to Grupo Petropolis’ master brewers, we found out that it could use the same barley that gives rise to Petra Malt to manufacture Petra’s own plant-based milk. In other words, it is possible to watch the games, early in the morning, drinking a drink composed of a natural and healthy ingredient, which is also used in the beer composition.

Petra Milk was then created, vegetable milk made with the same barley used in the production of the malt of Petra beer. A drink suitable for that time of day but that carries beer characteristics such as the same bottle and even the smell of beer!

Created by BETC HAVAS the idea was to show that it is possible to enjoy the games and cheer with that taste of Petra Malt, without losing responsibility, after all, they are morning games, at breakfast time for many people. In addition, we want to show that the barley used to produce Petra Malt is so special that it is perfect even in milk. 

A selected team made of customers, influencers, and celebrities was called to try out this daring limited edition. They received an exclusive pack with three bottles of milk to enjoy the morning games and three bottles of beer for the afternoon games. Guaranteeing all the fun, they could wake up in the morning and literally be able to open a cold Petra to cheer.

At this first moment, Petra Milk will not be for sale to the final consumer. This is an exclusive and limited production, aiming to show the versatility and quality of the raw material used in the production of Petra Malt beer.



Client: Grupo Petropolis

Product: Petra Beer            

CCO: Erh Ray

CBO: Marcos Lacerda

VP Creative Director: Marcelo Bruzzesi

Creative Directors: Marcelo Ribeiro, Victor Castelo, Juliano Almeida

Creative Team: Andre Choairy, Fernando Fregate, Lucas Husni, Pedro Arvati

Brands & Businesses VP: Andre Gomes

Brands & Businesses Team: Daniel Carneiro, Nathalia Moral

Channels & Engagement: Carol Esposito, Andre Goes, Matheus Anjos

VP of Strategy: Agatha Kim

Strategy: Gabriela Sanchez, Luiza Lopes

Content: Daniela Lima, Carlos Gouveia, Fernanda Conceicao, Jeniffer Landi

Production Company: Merci

Director: Luigi Dias

D.O.P.: Will Passini

Agency Producers: Juliana Arantes, Dayane Dantas, Rafael Paes, Caio Rodrigues, Cindy Cardoso

Effects: Fabiano Caldeira

Executive Producer: Juliana Arantes

Editing: Paulo Albertos

Colorist: Andre Gama

Sound Design: Alma 1111 Audio

Music Direction: Diego Raso

Music Executive Director: Carla Brauninger

Music Production: Jo Borges, Diego Raso

Client Approval: Giullia Faria, Danielle Bibas, Nathalia Cajueiro, Priscila da Fonseca, Augusto Poles, Rodrigo Nogueira, Douglas Silva, Flavia Sancho


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