Playable Factory Launches Gearbox Video

- A tool for quick and easy creation of mobile gaming video ads -

Playable Factory, a leading creator of playable ads for mobile games and brands, today announces Gearbox Video, a new tool that enables mobile gaming companies to easily create video variations of mobile gameplay with zero coding experience.

Gearbox Video generates gameplay videos for mobile games developed with the Unity engine. Crucially, the new tool empowers mobile games marketers to easily record numerous variations of gameplay, drastically reducing the time and resource needed for effective A/B testing. Gearbox Video outputs will be used for marketing and advertising campaigns.

Historically, making video assets for mobile games marketing has been a laborious process. Creating videos with different outcomes, such as beating a level versus failing it, meant marketing teams had to play and record gameplay levels over and over again, and required heavy developer involvement. With the advent of Gearbox Video, mobile games marketers can now create multiple variations of gameplay videos with minimal developer input.

Gökçe Nur Oguz, CEO and Co-Founder of Playable Factory, commented: 

Gökçe Nur Oguz

“Video is the most used creative medium amongst gaming companies to promote their games. But, while it’s easy to create a single gameplay video, it’s hard to create, iterate and find the one that performs well. Doing so requires shooting several versions, in different formats and featuring different assets, using A/B testing to determine which performs best – and this can be a very time-consuming process. Our new tool massively reduces the time and technical expertise required – and therefore the cost – by bringing everything into one web-based tool for the first time ever. With this speed and flexibility, marketing teams can carry out more A/B testing and enjoy better results from better performing videos, while allowing developers to focus on creating more hit games.”

Filiz Ünal, Marketing Art Lead at Coda, said:

“We’ve already had the opportunity to review the games on Gearbox Video. Since it’s still in its early phase, we know there will be more powerful features in near future. But for now I can clearly say that Gearbox Video is very easy to use!” 

As the Gearbox Video tool is entirely web-based, users can rapidly record and edit gameplay videos with no installations and no coding knowledge. This creates unprecedented freedom for marketing teams to make variations on previously saved videos and test new iterations against their existing best-performing versions. The tool’s post-processing capabilities allow users to enhance their videos with additional graphical and audio effects. This streamlined video production process brings gameplay variations, real-time editing and post-production editing into one no-code, web-based tool for the first time. Video assets created with Gearbox Video can be used for a variety of marketing purposes, from playable ads to video trailers. 

Source: Playable Factory

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