Rihanna and Sephora storm Italy with fully immersive extravaganza

Following the explosive launch of Fenty Beauty in Madrid, Rihanna treats her fans with yet another unforgettable interactive experience, this time in Milan. In collaboration with Sephora, the brand launch in Italy also celebrates the worldwide release of the Summer Body essentials collection of the superstar’s globally anticipated makeup line.

Responsible for orchestrating the hugely successful experiential action, ‘Fenty’s Playground’, in Madrid last September – which generated an incredible 1.7 billion impressions on social media – experiential design agency Wildbytes was enlisted by Sephora yet again to create an even more viral event.

Famed for having her finger on the pulse of her millennial audience, Rihanna’s latest Fenty Beauty launches in Madrid and Milan mark a confidant move towards a more experiential-focused brand strategy.

For the innovative launch in East End Studios, Milan, Wildbytes enlisted fans, influencers and celebrities to create an explosion of user generated and social media content. The agency custom-designed three core interactive activations based on the DNA of three key Fenty Beauty products. The highlight of the night was ‘Summer Body Pool’ – a large-scale ball-pit full of fur pom-poms, where fans created extravagant Instagram Boomerang films under an interactive rain of confetti.

The unforgettable experience also featured ‘Stunna Confessions’ – a life-sized lip paint bottle inspired by Rihanna’s lip paint line, that acted as a huge megaphone, into which guests shared their ‘confessions’. These were recorded and broadcasted in large-scale projections throughout the event.

Finally, the experiential design agency invited guests to participate in ‘Wild Postings’, a large-scale set of sculptural walls featuring all the shades of Fenty Beauty’s foundations. Photographs of the guests were used to create an animated poster, which mimicked the iconic posters of the brand.


Laia Zanon, Director of Production at Wildbytes, comments: “In Madrid, we helped Sephora create the most successful launch by the brand so far in terms of media exposure, impressions, and engagement. This time, Sephora tasked us with creating an even more impactful event, so the stakes were really high, but I believe this event proved that we are in the era of the experience gatherers – and it truly pays off when you give people the chance to create amazing content.”

Source: Wildbytes 

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