SCS Launches IMDb-like Sports Platform

Partnership with Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers & Actor/Producer Ryan Rottman

“Nate Raabe from RX3 and Ryan came to us to help them build the platform and wanted to know if we would want to participate with an investment and become an equity partner as well. Working with them on the product roadmap and knowing the plans that the OSDB team has, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. This launch is just the beginning. We can’t wait to roll out what’s next.”  

– James Schiefer, CEO & Founder at SCS 

Comprehensive in breadth and encyclopedic in detail, scores by bringing each player’s story to the forefront of the user experience, tying sport, league, team and individual together in a design approach that iterates and innovates on the standard sports site experience.

Key visual elements for every player such as official headshots, jersey numbers, team logos and a stadium images are spotlighted by a bold, outlined font that has a heavy sports feel. The result is a captivating design layout for each player card and profile pages —more than 3,000 in all, across its first-release leagues. 

A similar design aesthetic is carried through to team cards and team pages, leveraging beautiful stadium images, large logos and player cards from each roster to capture the essence of each team. Added elements such player nicknames, little known team/player facts, business ventures, to name a few, all add to the player sports and player narrative that differentiates OSDB from other sports sites.

The site leverages a custom solution that automates the image selection and attribution process across key featured and unique elements such as player cards and profile pages. A bold sans-serif font is used throughout the site, its slim character width allowing for large, impactful headlines. Aesthetically, this selected font choice suits the clean, modern feel of the OSDB brand and pairs well with the large, outlined, traditional sports font used to represent player jersey numbers across the site.

In order to ensure content accuracy, integrity and availability OSDB incorporates a sophisticated behind-the-scenes content management system that enables custom content adaptation and presentation. The result is a nimble and responsive website capable of handling content updates that span from the historical through to up-to-the-minute breaking news, and further enhance an already unique experience that highlights the player’s story.

Source: SCS

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