Sunbites Champions the Power of a Little Good with New TV Campaign and Brand Positioning

PepsiCo is re-launching its popular Sunbites brand with refreshed packaging, a new purpose-led brand positioning and an integrated marketing campaign with TV.

The brand is set to champion the power of a little good through everything it does, highlighting that there is a little bit of ‘taste good’ and ‘do good’ in every Sunbite.

The integrated marketing campaign will kick off with the new TV advert airing from the 3rd July and will also include new digital comms, a brand new website, in-store assets and PR campaign.

The animated TV advert carries the tagline, ‘good grows’ and heroes the brand’s new look Grain Waves. As a woman opens her pack of Sunbites, the sun shines and passes on the good, cheering up a man who kicks a football to a young boy who had been engrossed in his phone.

The creative highlights that Sunbites Grain Waves contain three sun grown wholegrains and the end frame encourages people to try its latest addition to the range: Sunbites Veggie Harvest, which is the UK’s only vegetable and multigrain snack.

Sharon Barraclough, Marketing Director for UK Snacks at PepsiCo, comments: “Sunbites has a loyal fan base, with the brand seeing a high repeat purchase rates and we want to continue driving awareness of the brand as consumer demand for ‘better for you’ options increases. Our campaign is set to target people who don’t want to sacrifice great taste when enjoying a ‘better for you’ snack. The whole new brand positioning is around championing the power of a little good, from how good our Sunbites products taste, to how we can give back and deliver goodness through purposeful partnerships.”

Not only does the new TV advert talk about doing a little good, Sunbites has done a little good itself. With the creative agency having installed solar panels at the brand’s request, all the computers used to create and render the advert have been powered by the sun. A huge step forward for sustainable film making, the agency will now continue to harness the power of the sun for future campaigns.

Staying true to the brand ambition to grow little bits of goodness, the Sunbites team has also partnered with CARE International to launch the Light Her Path initiative, aimed at giving girls the education they deserve. This brilliant initiative helps in lots of ways, including building learning centres that are powered by solar panels.

As the ‘better for you’ segment continues to grow at +3.1%, and the PepsiCo BFY portfolio at +5.8%, it is the perfect time for Sunbites to capitalise on consumer demand with this re-launch. The packaging refresh will highlight the delicious ingredients in every Sunbite and improve stand out.

Source: PepsiCo

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