YouGov survey provides valuable insights for the use of sound to drive audience engagement and loyalty

As sports fans and brands across the world prepare for the 2023 Super Bowl, new research has revealed the power of music anthems to connect audiences with their favourite teams and their national identity, providing important lessons for brands when it comes to adding sound to their brand identity.  

The research by YouGov polled 1,188 adults across the US and found that: 

  • More than a quarter (27 per cent) of US adults regularly hears or sings along to the national anthem and sporting anthems  
  • More than a quarter (28 per cent) of US adults associate the national anthem with their nation’s sporting teams, whilst only a quarter (25 per cent) associate it with their country or political leadership  

As well as looking at sporting anthems, the study also explores the power of the US national anthem specifically, revealing that: 

  • 69 per cent of US adults agree that their national anthem is an expression of their national identity 
  • When they hear or sing their national anthem, over half (53 per cent) of US adults feel patriotic, whilst more than a third (34 per cent) feel both uplifted and connected to their fellow citizens, community or country 

The survey was commissioned by DLMDD, the creative sound branding agency, to explore the significance of anthems within key cultural moments, and their ability to connect with and evoke emotions in people, helping brands to understand the significance of music in brand and advertising campaigns. 

Max De Lucia, co-founder of DLMDD, comments:

“We commissioned this research to explore the role that anthems play in culture, such as the upcoming Super Bowl, where brands spend millions of dollars to associate themselves with the sporting event and to reach its worldwide audience. With the majority of ads forgotten within 24 hours, music and sound can be the difference between being forgotten in a moment or remembered for a lifetime.”

Source: DLMDD

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