Nike Knits A Giant Shoe On A Billboard In Shanghai

To promote its latest ‘Free Flyknit’ shoes in Shanghai, Nike—together with Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai—put together a live ‘knitting session’ on a giant billboard. With the help of three workers, they ‘knitted’ strips of neon green thread together on the billboard to form a Free Flyknit shoe around a foot—emphasizing the sock-like quality of the […]

Skoda Hosts Russia’s First ‘Car Hostel’

Skoda Fabia, a car advertised for the most spacious cabin in its category, was transformed into a real hostel: with a comfortable double bed, pillows, free wi-fi, and everything needed for a comfortable stay. Yes, it had a bathroom next to the car just in case. The hostel was placed at Izmaiolovo Park, one of […]

Twitter launches video content promotion tool – Twitter Amplify

Twitter launches video content promotion tool – Twitter Amplify

Twitter has revealed its latest marketing tool Twitter Amplify which allows media companies to promote small video clips, for example sports highlights, which are accompanied by a brief video ad as a pre- or post-roll. Launch partners for Twitter Amplify include the likes of Clear Channel, New York Magazine, VEVO, Warner Music, and VICE, as […]

iPad Magician Creates A Magical ‘Angry Birds’ Ad

Popular mobile game Angry Birds has received a “magical” update that includes some new gameplay mechanics involving magic portals. As part of this new release, Angry Birds makers Rovio have teamed up with Simon Pierro, better known as the ‘iPad Magician’, to create a ‘magic’ video. The video features some ingenuity from Pierro, who performs […]

‘The Puma Dance Dictionary’ by Grey London

Before there were words, texts, tweets, we had body language. The Puma ‘Dance Dictionary’ is a new language of dance created to launch the new Puma Sync Fragrances. A form of non-verbal communication that enables people to speak with their bodies, encrypting words into dance moves. At the heart of the Dance Dictionary is a […]

Microsoft’s Bizarre, Surprisingly Funny Ads For Windows 8

As much as we dislike and mock Microsoft and its Windows OS, we hate to admit that its latest ads created to promote Windows 8 made it hard to stifle a laugh. To promote Windows in the Asian market, Microsoft created a series of ads for its campaign entitled ‘Windows 8 Training Camp’. The spots […]