Start 2014 with a Cleaner Social Life

Each day, millions of users are bombarded with social noise and clutter as a result of their past ‘likes’.

VML & GPY&R teamed up with Colgate’s hero surface cleaning brand, Ajax, to create an easy solution for people to clean their social networking feeds. Called Ajax Social Wipes, it’s a new online tool that lets users single-handedly Spring Clean their Facebook and Twitter accounts, with one easy wipe!

Users simply connect their Facebook or Twitter to the Ajax Social Wipes tool and it automatically rounds up all the pages or profiles that people have ‘Liked’ or ‘Followed’. The Facebook option aggregates all ‘Liked’ Pages for easy spring cleaning, while for Twitter the Ajax Social Wipes tool detects unwanted spam, flushing all bots from the user’s account within minutes.

AjaxSaid Damian Facciolo, Marketing Manager at Colgate Palmolive “Ajax Wipes are all about efficacy and convenience. Creating a product that delivered these same benefits in the parallel online world we all regularly inhabit, felt fresh and, frankly, like a no brainer”.

Aden Hepburn, Managing Director of VML says; “Agencies don’t often get the chance to create something that people really want or need, and whilst this is a little bit of fun, it’s a utility tool that a lot of people will find is actually something they’ve subconsciously wanted for a while… it will actually help them clean up the social clutter they’ve been building up for years!”

All punters need to do to start wiping is log in here.

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