UKTV’s Dave sends ‘lost’ cyclists around London as part of Tour stunt

ANDERSON-CYCLISTS 03Londoners came face to face with a lost cycling team on July 7 asking for directions to ‘the big race’. The stunt comes from UKTV’s Dave channel and organised by communications agency Initials.

The supposedly-lost team of nine cyclists’ route around London kicked off at Liverpool Street Station. They caused a big scene as they passed through busy areas such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Covent Garden and Piccadilly Circus before heading to their end destination: The London Eye. The team, dressed up in full cycling gear, complete with numbers and custom branding, stopped regularly to ask passersby in broken English and a French accent if they have seen the big race?

Images from the ride are being pushed out on social media, featuring people’s reactions to the event and behind-the-scenes of the team setting up. The best overheard conversations from the day are also being tweeted.

ANDERSON-CYCLISTS 12The stunt was developed to showcase Dave’s unique personality, often seen on the channel itself, to share a laugh with a much wider audience.

Will Gunton, senior brand manager of Dave, said: “It was a bit of fun that we knew would turn a few heads as the race came through town. The channel is home to some of the best contemporary comedy around but we also want Dave to be seen as a witty and proactive brand in its own right. The concept Initials came up with was a perfect way of doing just that.”

Sam Brownfield, creative strategist at INITIALS, added: “We wanted to find the right balance between creating something believable whilst still turning heads and providing a source of entertainment. The authenticity of our branding created the impact throughout the team’s journey.”

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