The Financial Times Opts To Partner With Brand Metrics For Brand Lift Measurement Globally

The FT has chosen to work exclusively with Brand Metrics for all digital brand lift measurement

Global technology company, Brand Metrics, which works with publishers to demonstrate the effectiveness of digital advertising, has announced it is to continue its longstanding partnership with the Financial Times (FT), following a highly successful collaboration for several years and a subsequent review of partners undertaken by the premium publisher. 

The FT has been working in partnership with Brand Metrics for a number of years now, in a collaboration which has seen huge benefits on both sides. In 2022,  the publisher will be working with Brand Metrics exclusively for all its brand measurement requirements.

Anette Hallgren, Client Director, Brand Metrics explains: “As a very close and valued partner for our team, the FT encourages constant innovation and collaboration. This in turn, enables us to develop our platform and its features iteratively, ensuring continuous improvement. 

“Not only that, but this forward-thinking team uses the resulting insights as part of a truly integrated approach. This is a highly valued partnership for us, one which encourages us to develop new tools all the time. We can’t wait to see what 2022 will bring.”

Enzo Diliberto, Global Insight Director, at the Financial Times, adds: “We consider the Brand Metrics’ platform most suited to our needs for a reliable brand measurement partner for our premium offering globally. We are fortunate to possess a wealth of rich data from an engaged and opted-in user base and delighted to be able to scale our insights to deliver the best possible results to premium advertisers. 2022 will see us continuing to work with Brand Metrics for brand lift measurement, as we continue to derive insights around frequency and brand lift. For instance – ensuring that we meet advertiser requirements and provide actionable insights to make campaigns more effective. Brand uplift has become increasingly important for our clients to demonstrate the success of their campaigns. Being able to offer this at scale to our clients has become a key focus for the FT commercial team.”

Brand Metrics enables publishers to prove the effectiveness of digital ad campaigns continuously and consistently against advertisers’ key metrics, by measuring brand lift at scale, regardless of campaign size and cost. This is a game-changer for publishers; helping them to prove the value of digital ads, with Brand Metrics’ unique algorithm using a single question with five answer options to provide reliable information on qualitative advertising impact. In this way, the tech company is empowering premium publishers to gather independent data on their digital ad campaigns, enabling them to measure uplift in awareness, consideration, preference and action intent, in a simple, cost-effective and comparable way.  

Source: Brand Metrics

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