The Parts & Furious Stories Of eBay In New Spot From DUDE

Millions of people meet on eBay every day to do business and share interests and passions, so everyday millions of stories are born on the biggest marketplace in the world. And behind every purchase and every sale, there is always a story to tell.

eBay – Parts & Furious (Agency cut) ENG from DUDE on Vimeo.

The next chapter in the story of the creative platform “Inspired by an eBay Story” is ‘Parts & Furious’ and is on air across Italian TV channels from today for the next two weeks.

Created by independent creative and production network DUDE, the new spot follows the pursuits of a young man eager to maintain his street cred when he is gifted a car in need of a make-over by his mother. But beggars can’t be choosers, so the resourceful young man jumps on to eBay, the biggest marketplace in the world, and finds everything he needs to transform his car into a set of wheels befitting a young man racing about town.

With a fast paced, high energy style, and bold grading to match the boy racer in the spot, Parts & Furious  highlights the advantages and ease in which eBay can be used to buy and sell spare parts for cars and motorbikes.

Vito Pace, Head of Brand Marketing & Communication, eBay Italy said: “This last commercial fully reflects the spirit and values of eBay and our community. We are a reference point for people’s passions and experiences. They are many and cover all kinds of interests and we want to embrace and tell the story of them all, which we believe we can do with this campaign.”

Lorenzo Picchiotti – Chief Creative Officer and Partner DUDE added: “User stories, sometimes ironic as in this case, but always with a human insight at the center, remain the strength of our brand platform. This time we went to tell about a fairly new world in communication but very interesting, namely that of tuning enthusiasts. We did it with the same fresh treatment as in the previous campaigns and with an increasingly international look.”


Chief Creative Officers & Partners: Livio Basoli & Lorenzo Picchiotti

Creative Directors: Davide Labò & Luca Riva

Senior Copywriter: Emanuele Accurli Abenante

Senior Art Director: Davide Bodano

Junior Copywriter: Tommaso Spada

Junior Art Director: Oscar Frizzi

Client Service Director: Elena Panza

Account Director: Piera Colasante

Account Manager: Giulia Visconti

Strategy Director: Marco Mammino

Senior Strategist: Michelangelo Ferracane

Head of Content: Ludovica D’Aquino

Integrated Production Director: Matteo Pecorari

Head of Physical Production: Simone Raddi

Producer: Valeria Mazzotta 

Producer: Michele Pasini

Post Production Supervisor: Seba Morando

Post Producer: Miriam Ottina

Video Editor: Federica Ruggeri

Motion Graphic Designers: Gabriele Frigimelica

Motion & Vfx designer: Dario Lipani

Junior Vfx editor: Diego Gonzalez

Vfx Artist: Riccardo Stasi

Regia: Alex Gargot
Direttore della Fotografia: Guido Mazzoni

Colorist: Orash Rahnema
Set Designer: Andrea Faini 
Styling: The Blonde Styling

Make up: Valentina Rodella
Music: Don’t be silent
Mix: Fullcode
Voice Over: The Log

Source: DUDE

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