Volkswagen Becomes Part of the Family in Engaging New Ad

Volkswagen’s engaging new advert sees the car manufacturer become a part of the family in their new global campaign that launched recently in the United Kingdom.

The new campaign by DDB, which marks the car brand’s departure from their iconic ‘Das Auto’ tagline, sees Volkswagen become the established car of one family, with the car being there at every momentous stage of growing up.

Volkswagen advert – Then. Now. Always.Starting with a little boy gazing out of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, the Volkswagen car changes over the years as the little boy grows into an adult. As he gazes out of the car window, the scenes jump from one key life moment to the next, from his driving test and his wedding day to the birth of his son. It finally finishes with the new slogan ‘Then. Now. Always’, which engages the audience with the endurance of the brand.

For the campaign, Tracks & Fields pre-cleared music by American singer songwriter Phillip LaRue. The licensed music, ‘I’ll Be Your Home’ by LaRue, evokes the message of the advert – as a brand that people grow up, Volkswagen has become a permanent feature of family life, just like the home.

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