Wunderman BA & Fundación Huésped’s ‘Living Statistics’ push highlights the ongoing issue of AIDS in Argentina

Taking advantage of the World AIDS day, Fundación Huésped and Wunderman BA launched a new campaign to enhance awareness and remark that the issue is still active. The campaign called “Living Statistics,” was based on the classic iconography of statistics and the colour related to HIV.

In several areas of the city of Buenos Aires, a group of volunteers dressed in red mingle among pedestrians, representing statistics of the virus.

In Argentina:

  • Out of 120 thousand people suffering from HIV, 90% became infected through unprotected sex
  • 3 out of 10 people are not aware that they are infected with the virus
  • 3 out of 10 people suffering from HIV decide to get tested at a late stage

“Numbers impact per se, the image is much stronger when we realised that each, and everyone is a person with his/her own history, a life and a family. We cannot ignore this. Ignoring this, or believing that:  Aids is no longer a problem, is what makes the epidemic more valid than ever,” explained Leandro Cahn, Executive Director of Fundación Huésped.”


Agency: Wunderman Buenos Aires
Advertiser: Fundación Huésped
Product: World AIDS Day Campaign
General Creative Directors: Patán Tarazaga / Dany Minaker
Creative Directors: Dario Ventura / Matias Martty
Copywriter: Leo Arnelli
Production Manager: Laura Martínez
Accounts Group Director: Mercedes Cores
Accounts Director: Maria Jose Cruces
Accounts Executive: Mariana Tesio
Head of PR: Daniela Tucci
Band: Salmon Osado
Production Company: LindaTv
Client’s representatives: Leandro Cahn / Débora Fiore / Alejandra Cosovschi

Source: Wunderman BA

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