A sip of freedom

Ukrainian marketing agency Brain Tank has made creative labels and offers breweries to use them in production of exclusive beers to support Ukraine

The creative front of Ukraine also continues to fight for freedom, only with its own capabilities. Marketing agency BrainTank created a design for beer labels. The design is based on the idea of supporting freedom against evil, light against darkness, truth against lies and modern images that have become a symbol of this struggle. 

The agency is ready to give the labels free of charge and to adapt them for the brewery, which is ready to support Ukraine, and to give a part of sales for the victory of the light forces.

We believe that everyone can contribute to the victory of good over absolute evil, therefore we continue to invest our resources in a cause that will help our country and the world as a whole. – said BrainTank

Join the good deed!

Source: BrainTank

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