AI-operated piano converts business law text into unique musical pieces

Business law is an art form which builds on the passion of every employee, says the Vinge law firm in its new campaign, “The Piano”. As a manifestation of this, Vinge has built an AI-operated player-piano which converts legal text into music. Infrastructure agreements have their own melody, as do transactions in the telecoms sector and spinoffs of business areas.
Every day, Vinge works with business law in a way that affects and changes society, in both big and small ways. In order to give new perspective to the breadth embodied in our practice and the precision carried by every word in a contract, Vinge has created an artificial intelligence which translates the result of its work into the most universal form of communication – music.

“We want to use our AI-operated piano to illustrate the breadth and precision of what Vinge does. We are a full-service firm practising in all business law genres. We can finally listen to the full range of sounds embodied in our practice. We regard business law as our very own art form. And at Vinge, everyone can play their own tune,” says Fredrik Dahl, partner responsible for HR.

The AI instrument was produced in collaboration with designer and musician Axel Bluhme, and contains a large number of neural networks all of which are unique. When legal text is input into the machine, sensors are activated that scan the documents and, depending on the letter scanned, the AI chooses a suitable neural network which employs its own ‘understanding’ of how they wish to be expressed in music. Through the process of machine learning, which entails that it has been trained on data from a large selection of various piano pieces, a Markov chain is created which makes it possible for the AI to play a certain selection of notes with varying probability.
The campaign was produced in collaboration with ANR BBDO and is a follow-up to last year’s success, “The Seat”. Both campaigns are intended to enhance Vinge’s trademark as an employer.

“Through campaigns such as “The Piano” and last year’s “The Seat”, Vinge dares to challenge conventions regarding how communication is conducted in the business law world. We think it is awesome,” says Maria Fager, Account Director at ANR BBDO.

See the instrument in action, listen to a selection of contracts and learn more at

Source: ANR BBDO

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