BBDO and Flemish Minister of Innovation Ingrid Lieten point the way ‘Direction Tomorrow’.

Science, technology and innovation for the general public is still a far-from-my-bed-show. They can not imagine much more than clever headlines that smart developments in their name. The average citizen feels not sufficiently involved. Let alone that it feels that he or she can do something for science, technology and innovation.

Flemish Minister of Innovation Ingrid Lieten worked earlier this year from a policy for science, technology and innovation closer to the people ‘.

Following a tender procedure was BBDO restrain a communication, an umbrella brand, an accompanying graphic brand / workbook and a first communication campaign development.

The communication challenge was divided into three objectives: (1) science, technology and innovation must be brought to the attention and the unknown and so unloved have more ‘known’ to be made. (2) The multiplicity of different initiatives in the field should be better coordinated and (3) the campaign to reach a wide audience and appeal.

A central logo: the arrow ‘Direction Tomorrow’.

Science ensures social progress. That should be the thrust of the campaign. Scientists, but also creative entrepreneurs, are real signs for tomorrow. That idea was graphically elaborated in a yellow arrow as recognizable and universal symbol that a clear direction. In combination with the baseline direction Tomorrow “is a call to everyone to be open to the possibilities of science, technology and innovation and to be committed to this.

Role models witnesses in the print campaign

The media campaign will start late this week, brings testimony of a scientist, an entrepreneur and a stand-up comedian. “The aim is to show that there is even a link between science and humor,” said Henk Rijckaert stand-up comedian. Jochim Aerts entrepreneur dreams of becoming the fastest bikes in the world to build. Professor Véronique Van Speybroeck then pushes boundaries through excellent scientific research and points the way to nanomaterials for a sustainable future.

The campaign will appear from late October 2012 on three half pages in all Flemish newspapers, magazines as well as in Humo, Knack, All Day, Whoopee and TV family. The media campaign will run for three weeks.

Facebook contest

A campaign which is itself a greater participation in Science, Technology and Innovation in society pursues could not be based solely on one-way. On the basis of a competition via Facebook page / game, the campaign also interactive. Visitors are asked to submit their own pictures to load, with the logo with the arrows’ direction tomorrow.

The prizes are:

  • a leading role in the next wave ad, which appears in numerous newspapers and magazines, including a free photoshoot.
  • a cruise on the brand new research vessel Simon Stevin where some scientists live can be followed in carrying out scientific research in the North Sea.
  • 50 free duo tickets for Technopolis .
  • 10 free duo tickets for the zoo or Planckendael .

In addition, the surfers on the page with scientific questions there is a link to the calendar of scientific events and they come into contact with actors active in science, technology and innovation.

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