BETC São Paulo creates a washable book for Vanish that will change the stories at each wash

Imagine the pages of a book made with commonly-used fabrics that, just like clothes, can be washed and used over and over again. This is the new initiative of the Vanish bleach brand, created by BETC São Paulo: a campaign that encourages people to read, with the book “Vanishing Stories”, conceived to hold stories written by hand that will be erased after a wash. 

Since the book is made blank after being washed, the idea is to stimulate the imagination of little readers by creating new narratives and by promoting more family moments.

“In many homes, reading bedtime stories to children is customary. However, one of the challenges in reading to children every night is that they end up asking to hear the same story over and over, for many consecutive nights,” emphasised Andrea Siqueira, Executive Creative Director at BETC São Paulo, highlighting the origin of the project’s creative idea.

“Vanish has always emphasised the performance of its products through pieces focused on technical demonstrations. Therefore, our goal is to create new formats with storytelling that’s more engaging; that still shows the product’s benefits, but that gets closer to consumers and generates conversations,” added Laura Azevedo, Creative Director at the agency. 

This way, to celebrate Children’s Day, the brand and the agency introduced a book that can be written by hand and washed every time someone wants to write a new adventure.

Source: BETC São Paulo

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