BMW launches #30DaysOfJoy Ramadan campaign by Serviceplan Group Middle East

Ramadan is the most valuable time of the year for every Muslim. It’s the time of being humble and kind. It’s also the busiest time for everyone who works in the Middle Eastern advertising industry, as every brand beckons its customers with special deals in the so-called ‘Month of Generosity’. This campaign cuts through the clutter of Ramadan offers, by staying true to the BMW brand’s core values.

The BMW brand is focussed on the sheer pleasure of driving, so the #30daysofjoy campaign communicates the unique assets of the cars: high-tech innovation and luxurious yet sporty performance.

Serviceplan Group Middle East created four hero videos, opening with dynamic driving shots to highlight performance and features. But it’s not just a car for people who love to drive – it’s much more than that. A BMW reflects the driver’s identity and personality too.

So, when it’s the time of the year – the most important time of the year for every Muslim – to focus more on togetherness and family, your BMW will be with you, a vital part of your family. Therefore, this Ramadan is not just about driving, but about driving home to enjoy family time and moments of togetherness.

Each film is complemented with a still product photo shot for additional online, offline and out of home communication. In addition to the main campaign Serviceplan Group Middle East created a special website, which celebrates the Month of Generosity and BMW driving pleasure every day of Ramadan. It was designed to entertain users during the day and surprise them with exclusive BMW gifts and prizes.

The film vignettes were shot in the UAE. A production team from Neverest joined the leading creative team from Serviceplan Group Middle East.

Source: Serviceplan Group

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