Britain’s most Prolific Serial Killers Exposed

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting is exposing Britain’s most prolific serial killers and revealing the full horror of their slaughter. The campaign launch is timed to help persuade MPs to vote for the bill to ban the importing of hunting trophies currently going through parliament.

Creative Coalition developed the film, voiced by Peter Egan, OOH and social campaign. “We wanted to name and shame these barbaric killers for what they are, reveal the sickening scale of the mindless killing and use their own words to reveal the disgusting bloodlust that drives their compulsion to kill so many endangered animals,” commented Pete Bracegirdle, Co-Founder of Creative Coalition.

The campaign includes executions that feature pictures of the trophy hunters and the number of kills they have been responsible for with the headline: “One of Britain’s Most Prolific Serial Killers is still at large.” Other executions feature direct quotes from the trophy hunters themselves that reveal their true motivations and the sick pleasure they enjoy from killing: “We grab a few beers and have a bit of fun shooting monkeys” and “A pleasing amount of blood which was easy to follow we found more intestines caught on the thorns.”

Eduardo Goncalves, founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, said: “We wanted to get across to decision-makers that this isn’t ‘just’ an animal welfare issue.There is a long-proven link between animal cruelty and violent crime. People who take joy out of killing hundreds of animals may pose a risk to society, so we need to take this seriously. The campaign pulled together by Creative Coalition communicates this in a really powerful way.”


Agency: Pete Bracegirdle and Guy Moore – Co-Founders, Creative Coalition

Client: Eduardo Goncalves – CEO, The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting

Editor and Motion Graphics – Robert Dee

Source: Creative Coalition

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