Can Bitcoin Infiltrate the Brand Space? Employees Think So

BITCOINIt may have had somewhat of a slow start, but a fifth of UK employees believe that their organisations will be accepting Bitcoin and other similar digital currencies as payment by 2020.

Meanwhile a third of employees believe that their companies should be equipped with a 3D printer by 2020 and improving customer experiences by providing 3D printed product downloads instore.

14% say that they should see drone delivery services introduced and 15% expect try before you buy augmented reality service to be incorporated into their existing buyer journeys.

The results come from Beyond Digital, a new report from Infomentum, in which UK employees have been asked to share what they feel is the future of retail and business as new technologies change how businesses market and sell and what customers expect from the businesses they engage with.

Vikram Setia, partner and chief commercial officer at Infomentum, said the results showed dramatic changes were coming in the current buyer journey structure. “By 2020, products may be previewed in AR, paid for in Bitcoin, created to order through 3D printing, and delivered by drone to a customer’s door. All while being monitored and managed through the real-time feedback of social media,” he said.

“While this array of new technologies may seem daunting for many businesses, retailers must be prepared to think about how such tools are likely to impact their businesses at a long-term strategic level. Those that fail to develop the necessary technology roadmap will have already fallen behind.”

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