ChaChing® Digital Shopping platform partners with leading media and performance agencies

New shopping app provides route for brands to generate cost effective online orders whilst rewarding consumers with market leading financial incentive

ChaChing® a digital shopping platform designed to give brands and consumers a fairer way to buy and sell online, has secured the backing of leading media agencies and performance agencies including Havas, EssenceMediaCom, Vagabond and the Push Group.

ChaChing® puts brands and retailers back in control over their advertising spend per sale by allowing the merchant to choose their cost per order. In return, the vast majority of that cost is immediately passed back to the consumer in the form of ChaChing® ‘Payback’.

For consumers, the ChaChing® model saves them between 10% and 50% on all their online purchases, and the payback goes into the consumer’s ChaChing® wallet on the app which can then be transferred into their bank account immediately the transaction has cleared.

Unlike existing online ecommerce models where around 30-40% of every order goes directly to big tech owners, ChaChing® allows merchants to set their CPO, providing greater flexibility and efficiency whilst rewarding consumers with an instant financial incentive that is unique and market leading.

While ChaChing® continues to grow at pace, it has already won the support of major UK retailers and businesses including Debenhams, TM Lewin, Gym+Coffee with more brands and retailers joining daily. The platform seamlessly integrates with the major e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, meaning that any retailer can be running a campaign on ChaChing® in a matter of hours.

Nick Lawson, Global CEO of EssenceMediacom said: “The ChaChing® app is an interesting proposition with a high proposed cashback mechanism that is very compelling. Consumers will really feel the benefit when prices are constantly rising and the fixed CPO approach means there is no risk to our ecommerce clients.”

Tom James Lee, Founder at Vagabond , Agency of All Beauty said: “We love the concept behind ChaChing. Lots of clients are heavily reliant on Google, Meta and Amazon so ChaChing provides a much needed challenger that puts the customer first. The tech is great but, more importantly, the growth potential for clients is massive. The market had been crying out for a platform like this!”

Charlie Carroll, Chief Innovation Officer at Push Group, said: “We love disruptive brands and ChaChing is one of them. As an agency it can be tough to sell a new platform or marketing channel to our e-commerce clients however Chaching has no risk and takes almost zero time and effort to implement. An absolute no-brainer for any retail brand to  achieve more sales at a fixed CPO. Plus, unlike selling on Amazon, you can keep the customer data which will become far more important in a cookie reduced future!”

Joel Williams, Chief Commercial Officer at ChaChing®, said: “We’re excited to be working in collaboration with our agency partners and genuinely thrilled to see the impact that our app can bring to the brands and merchants signing up. With simple integration and total flexibility, we’re looking forward to growing our agency network and demonstrating the power of ChaChing® far and wide.”

With over 2m SKUs already online in the UK and thousands more added weekly, ChaChing® has commenced partnerships with the likes of The Mums Club, Great Ormond Street Hospital and NHS Trust as well as awaiting partners from the banking, travel and credit card sector to sign up too.

For media agencies, brands and merchants, ChaChing® will:

  • Give retailers access to new customers from their strategic partnerships incorporating multiple customer bases ranging from 160,000 to 19 million
  • Only charge merchants for completed orders
  • Allow online retailers to set their own ROI
  • Allow merchants to control volume and margin – (a higher cost per order will increase the cashback to the consumer and therefore increase volume sales – a lower cost per order will increase their margins – giving merchants back control)
  • Allow retailers to gain incremental sales direct to their website
  • Credit the merchant with the CPO on returned orders
  • Ensure merchant partners never pay for clicks or view
  • Remove risk from advertising spend

Source: ChaChing®

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