Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Launches Emotionally-Driven Campaign

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta have partnered with full-service agency Chemistry to create an emotionally-driven campaign designed to educate parents on the importance of specialized pediatric care to serve the unique needs of teens. 

While most parents utilize pediatric providers for children through elementary school, as kids enter teen years, many parents transition their children to adult providers, despite their lack of pediatric expertise. To educate parents on why growing teens benefit from the continued care of pediatric specialists, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta honed in on the human truth that no matter how old children get, they will always be a child in their parent’s eyes. 

The first spot, “Childhood In An Instant”  focuses on the milestones of childhood through a parent’s lens. Honing in on meaningful milestones, from birth to college acceptance, this spot utilizes real photos and videos from the editor, Maury Loeb’s daughter, bringing an undeniable personal element to the story. 

The second spot, “Nicknames” draws on this same sentiment, while also giving a nod to the adorable nicknames many parents call their children well into their teens and beyond. Even as the teens might be embarrassed to be called Teddy Bear or Sweet Pea, these terms of endearment represent the deep emotional bond between a parent and a child, no matter their age. 

Both spots were created completely remotely and will air during a time when childhood has never mattered more and when teenagers are spending more time with their family.

Source: Chemistry

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