College Saving Receives a Fresh Twist in NAIL’s “Give Smart” Campaign

Saving for college feels much different in the middle of an economic downturn. In their newest campaign for the Rhode Island Treasurer’s Office, NAIL Communications puts 529 college savings plans into a perspective that fits the world that we are living in today.

“Putting aside money is painful in the best of times, let alone the uncertain world that we find ourselves in today,” says Creative Partner Alec Beckett. “We needed to change the conversation.”

“We wanted to reframe contributing to your kid’s 529 from ’saving’—which sounds like a difficult sacrifice—to ‘giving’. The Treasurer’s Office was looking for more people to sign up for 529 plans. But with people struggling and payback so far down the road, we needed to make 529 plans feel like they could help folks RIGHT NOW,” continued Beckett

In their “Give Smart” campaign, NAIL uses CTV, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, digital display, and search to ask adults to contribute to a child’s 529 savings account. The campaign parodies the ridiculous nature of trying to please picky, unpredictable kids. Media runs through January, 2021.

Source: NAIL

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