Desirable and sustainable candle pack-aging design using natural mineral powders.

SGK Anthem, Vrijdag Premium Printing, Generous Minds, Neuren-sics, Kurz and Merck have joined forces under the name ‘Packadore Collective’ to design and implement both desirable and sustainable packaging solutions. Their Natures Candles packaging design demonstrates how premium home fragrance and luxury lifestyle brands can create connections with their consumers beyond scent.

It’s well known that smell is the most powerful of all our senses with strong ties to both emotion and memory. But how can premium home fragrance and luxury lifestyle brands create connections with their consumers beyond scent? With the rise of the eco-conscious consumer, brands need to be mindful of the sustainable credentials of their products and their packaging. 

‘Natures Candles’ is a concept design innovation that uses NatureWax® made from hydrogenated soybean oil and non-hazardous vegetable derived additives. The candles themselves are made from and burn using natural and organic materials. 

The glass packaging is easily recyclable due to the use of a mono material and due to the lack of additional plastic or glue coated paper labels. The outer packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard. To ensure the packaging is as desirable and sustainable as the candle inside, the outer pack is embellished with natural mineral powders to provide a premium look and feel. 

Source: Packadore Collective

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