Durex’s new campaign by Havas London aims to destigmatise female sexual discomfort

Durex launched a global marketing campaign that aims to challenge some of the misconceptions around female sexual discomfort, highlight its ubiquity and normalise the use of a simple solution – lubrication. 

Discomfort during sex is a familiar feeling for many women, but few talk about it and less than 50% actually do something about it. That means that more than half of women are putting up with uncomfortable sex – despite the fact that women naturally feel a bit drier down there for two-thirds of their cycle.

In fact, nine out of ten women who use lube say that sex feels better – and this campaign, for Durex Naturals Intimate Gel, points out that it’s totally natural to reach for the lube on those drier days. It launches in the UK via TV, social, online, a campaign hub featuring information and Q&As, and in-store at UK Boots and Superdrug stores, before being rolled out globally.

At the centre of the campaign, devised by creative agency Havas London, is a film which nods to and celebrates women pushing against archaic attitudes to their bodies, choices and equal rights, then questions – given this – why women still put up with something like uncomfortable sex.

Featuring a touch of humour and plenty of exasperated looks, it was directed by Harry Bradbeer, best known for his work on acclaimed series Fleabag and Killing Eve. It ends with a defiant call to action: Ladies, Let’s Lube.

Claudia Bencini, senior brand manager at Durex says: “We’re on a mission to liberate women from sexual discomfort – currently the norm, but only because many women don’t realise the effect of their cycle on natural lubrication levels. That’s why, for the first time in this category, we’re focusing specifically on women – giving them the inspiration, knowledge, tools and product to enjoy sex without compromise.” 

Lynsey Atkin, creative director at Havas London, adds: “Nothing much beats good sex. So putting up with being uncomfortable, slapping on a brave face and going through the motions because ‘that’s just how it is’ has no place in today’s bedrooms or backseats. We wanted to have a bit of fun – because, sex – raise some knowing smiles, point out the solution and ensure being a bit dry down there when everything else says ‘yes f*cking please’ definitely isn’t something for anyone to feel bad about.”

Source: Little Black Book

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