eMarketer: Facebook native videos achieve higher organic reach than YouTube

facebook_videoMany brands prefer to upload their videos directly to Facebook, according to data from quintly. YouTube videos only make up roughly one-quarter of all videos posted by brands on the social network.

202383The research from quintly is based on a sample set of more than 1 million Facebook posts analyzed between July and November 2015, and represents activity among its clients.

Almost two-thirds (65%) of brand video posts to Facebook were Facebook native. Some 24% of video posts to the social network were links to YouTube.

Other video platforms like Twitch and Vevo made up a collective share of 10%, while just 1% of brand video posts to Facebook were links to Vimeo.

195018A separate June 2015 study from Locowise revealed that Facebook native video reach is higher than for YouTube videos posted to the site. Facebook native videos achieved 13.2% organic reach, while YouTube-sourced videos achieved 7.9%.

That study found that among all of the videos that were posted, 96.4% were Facebook native. Only 3.5% were from YouTube.

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