Finally the impact of wealth investment on the world can be explored

Today the ‘Google Earth for investors’ launched, the first public platform that shows the global impact of investments.

The way that people invest money has a big impact on how the world evolves. So far, making financial profit has been the key incentive for the majority of investors. But with the increasing urgency of global societal and environmental issues, long-term investments require a completely new perspective, one that helps maintain the world through forward-looking investments.

Globalance Bank aims to respond to this need. As a bank they want to increase transparency in the investment world, and help their clients and potential new investors understand the extensive effect of their wealth on the world. 

To realize this ambitious goal, renowned data design and technology consultants CLEVER°FRANKE were invited to create a solution. By using cutting-edge data visualization, they ensured that the platform visualizes abstract performance and impact data in a tangible, clear and relatable way. 

Globalance World is more than a traditional financial dashboard: it has become an audience engagement platform that combines inspiring news-insights and perspectives on investment never seen before. It is also a reference platform for anyone interested in finding information about companies and stock indices. From highly complex financial data and metrics to market trends and search functionality, the platform offers the most comprehensive and accessible experience for the investment banking world. 

Thomas Clever, co-founder of CLEVER°FRANKE, says: “Transforming complex investment data into a compelling and engaging experience was a big challenge. The transparency of Globalance World empowers people to make fundamental decisions and take control of the future and how they want their money to be invested.”

Globalance World transforms the way people look at investments and positions Globalance Bank as the leader of positive change in the investment banking industry.

Source: Clever Franke

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