FRED & FARID Announces New Website Launch

The Creative / Culture Agency, FRED & FARID - with the cultural bases of Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Shanghai - announces today the launch of its newly redesigned website:

The past three years have been revealing for us all, both individually and socially. As creatures of habit, we are often thrown into disarray when the tables are turned, when right-side up is suddenly upside-down, when we can’t predict the future. But when we roll with the punches and allow ourselves to break the rules, we discover our highest potential.

FRED & FARID has never been afraid of change. In fact, it’s our default setting. The website redesign is a reflection of this, acting as an interactive ode to the resolute adaptability that has shaped FRED & FARID since its founding.

Site visitors can now discover all of FRED & FARID’s purpose-driven campaigns from each of its Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Shanghai offices. Using the ‘style’ button (Bottom right) to change the site’s colors and fonts, visitors can make each visit a unique and immersive experience. The agency’s creative works can be viewed and categorized by users covering a wide range of keywords/genres (Activation, Brand Identity, Celebrity, Comedy, Consumer Packaged Good, Docustyle, Gen, Hardware, In-House Production, KOL Centric, Product Centric, Social Media, Sustainability, Tik Tok…) allowing each user to discover a specific and dedicated topic or industry (Alcohol, Automotive, Bank & Insurance, Beauty & Skincare, CSR, Entertainment, Fashion & Lifestyle, Food, Gaming, Hospitality, Luxury, Music, Non Alcoholic Beverages, Non-Profit, Retail & e-retail, Sport, GAFA & BAT…).

Our agency is based on a non-philosophy, singularly lacking in dogma. We boast no brand identity, no singular style, no fanciful logo. We eschew a flamboyant color palette, instead using simple black and white. We avoid a stylized font, preferring the ultimate mainstay: Arial. In short, we disrupt.

Our lack of grandiose identity creates clarity and simplicity, and we take pride in our fluidity — our continued ability to adapt to the changing times, as well as to all the brands for which our global boutique network works. is a digital chameleon, celebrating the FRED & FARID business approach. We are an ever-evolving snapshot of the global culture that FRED & FARID heralds: a particular and delicate mix of the French sense of craft and taste, the Chinese sense of tactic and digital, and the American sense of vision and strategy. We have built our network from East to West (from China to America), synthesizing the creativity of Europe, North America, and Asia. FRED & FARID is global and local, micro and macro, and everything in-between. The new website reflects this signature strategic development, adapting to the cities in which the offices operate independently. Each office was built by embracing the energy of the respective city in order to develop its own individual style. Thus, when the website is refreshed, it becomes infused with new tones, embodying the golden sunshine of Los Angeles, the vitality of New York, the soulfulness of Paris, the electricity of Shanghai.

FRED & FARID is built by a team of skilled experts in creative intelligence who are radical listeners and media agnostic. They don’t apply methods or formulas, but rather adapt and tailor their work to a brand’s respective genre and business challenge — from branding, tech, social media, content, or innovation. The process is more “couture” than “prêt-à-porter.” At FRED & FARID, we are good listeners – be it a good listener of what works or what doesn’t. Each time we land somewhere, we don’t question it. We embrace it. We embrace everything about it. We adapt. We pride ourselves on not being “influencers,” but instead being “influenced.” We’re here to learn from the world. We are liquid, with liquid intelligence.

The new comprehensive portal brings together the outstanding creative talents produced by our 4 offices — FRED & FARID Los Angeles, FRED & FARID New York, FRED & FARID Paris and FRED & FARID Shanghai. We are living proof that, across continents and countries, we can all live and work together in harmony, despite both distance and difference. Just as our agency is strengthened by combining our different cultures, perspectives, and strengths, is now invigorated with the same multiplicity. sums up the different personalities and alternative approaches provided by the 4 fully global agencies in sync with their environments and led by creative CEOs. These 4 agencies, although distinct in style and direction, have the same obsession with craft, with ideas and brands, and the same passionate commitment to creating inspiring, ambitious work. What strings all of these elements together is emotion.

Fittingly, our tagline is: “Think With Your Heart.” Refreshing, dynamic, and honest, it’s our compass as your website.



Chief Creative Officer: Fred & Farid 

Creative director: Chelsea Steiger

Project Director & Producer: Jules Chaffiotte

Art director: Bridget Callahan 

Content: Feng Huang, Laurent Leccia, Olivier Lefebvre, Chelsea Steiger, Nicolas Berthier and their creative teams.

IT: Kerry Cao

UX, UI & Developer: Dain Blodorn

Motion designers: Thabian Blondon, Aminata Diakité

Head of Global Communications: Jalila Levesque

Source: FRED & FARID

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