GIL highlights offensive and discriminatory use of the R-word in new campaign

GIL, a Swedish organisation that fights on behalf of people with disabilities, unveiled a provocative new campaign with creative agency, Stendahls.

Title “Said by Retards”, the campaign highlight the issue of how the offensive and discriminatory R-word is used – and make people aware that having an intellectual disability isn’t the same as being strange, or stupid.

“At GIL, we want to shine a light on that it’s unfair to be generalised and associated with the real idiots in the world,” says Anders Westgerd, director at GIL.

Instead of assuming the role of the victim they decided to use attitude, humour and a lot of self-awareness to prove a point.

Said by Retards consist of the Instagram account @saidbyretards and hundreds of short movies starring people with disabilities, quoting stupid things said by powerful people.

The movies are packaged as classic “inspirational quotes”, raising the question: Who are the real retards?


Advertising Agency: Stendahls, Sweden
Chief Creative Officer: Martin Cedergren
Copywriter: Mikael Andersson
Art Director: Josefin Thor
Account Director: Jens Flensburg
Strategy, Andreas Gunberg
Planner, Tommy Carlsson
Research, Vanja Johansson
PR Strategy, Linda Fernell
Production Manager: Anna Lotto, Linda Engström
Film Photogragher: Jens Dohnberg, Sara Josefsson
Post Production, Jakob Knutsson, Cutback
Photographer, Markus Holm, AmplifyPhoto

Source: Stendahls

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