Grey London launches new family focused, money saving campaign for Vodafone Ireland

Grey London is launching a new campaign for Vodafone in Ireland to promote its RED Family plan, which allows customers to save money when they hold between 3 and 6 mobile, and now broadband accounts.

The campaign RED Family, which will run across TV, VOD, radio, OOH, print, digital and social media platforms, will run for seven weeks, starting at the beginning of September. It features two TV spots, which focus on relatable family moments – a dad taking his daughter to a boy band concert and a family listening to an excruciating home violin recital by their daughter. Both end with the strap line: “We go through a lot to connect with our family.”

Shot by writer and director Max Sherman (who launched his career in film with the award winning But I’d Really Have To Kill You), the idea behind the campaign is that families invest in all sorts of funny, excruciating, difficult and generally unrewarding things to stay connected to each other, but Vodafone RED Family gives them the rewards they deserve.

Niall Reynolds, Senior Marketing Manager for Vodafone Ireland said: “Vodafone Ireland is pleased to announce that we have now added broadband to our popular RED Family plan, allowing more families across the country to save on their mobile and broadband bills. Grey London has brought this to life with humour and charm in our new campaign.”

David Wigglesworth, Executive Creative Director added: “As parents, we all know too well that we go through a lot to connect with our families. Whether it be sitting through bad musical renditions, “are we there yet’s?”, repetitive kids TV, squabbling, questionable music taste, soiled nappies… the list is endless. But in the end, it’s these experiences that bring us closer together. And now, thanks to Vodafone RED Family, you’ll also get rewarded for it. Big shoutout to the client for looking to explore observational humour and relatable human insights that feel true to the brand and to Somesuch and Max Sherman for bringing so much craft and passion to this project.”

The new work, which is centred on how families can save money by signing up to the RED Family plan, is part of the wider initiative to become more customer focussed converged brand. By introducing broadband contracts to RED Family, this multi-contract value plan means more families (of all shapes and sizes) can access great savings. 

The campaign by Grey London, follows up on its work for Vodafone Ireland last year, which also put family at the centre. Their “Gigahome” ad, was a touching film on a family staying connected, particularly when they needed each other most. And another spot that focussed on one of Vodafone’s many innovations, “Secure Net”, which provides tailored security online for family members.

Source: Grey London

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