HSBC Life launches HSBC Life Well+ by encouraging everyone to make every day count

Continuing the success of the brand platform “Because a promise is a promise”, HSBC Life stands out from the wave of exercise-montage communications by digging deeper into an insight that people look to stay healthy because they not only promised themselves, but to loved ones closest to them. Since taking care of one’s health and wellness is not just a moment in time but a lifelong promise, this brought to life the idea “Make Every Day Count”,

Because by making every step count, you make every day count, and ultimately every promise count.

Premiering its newest wellness programme, HSBC Life Well+, HSBC Life aims to encourage the public to pursue a more active lifestyle by rewarding those who have hit an average of 9,000 steps a day.

Saatchi & Saatchi invites the popular out-of-shape “daddy” from previous HSBC Life ads to reprise his role, but this time, sharing the screen with his actual daughter.

Christopher Lee, Group Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi states, “There’s an added level of authenticity with a real dad and daughter combination. We’ve evolved the story further by highlighting the different perspectives of both. How the dad makes every step count gets closer to his promise. And how the daughter grows closer to the dad, going from a sceptic to a believer.”

Pre-roll ads and visual assets also inspired people with exercise tips on why we shouldn’t skip accumulating more steps. 

Daisy Tsang, Chief Distribution and Customer Officer, HSBC Life Hong Kong says, “HSBC Life hopes to encourage everyone to embrace the steps it takes to live well. This fully integrated campaign not only aims to reward customers with the latest Apple Watch or RewardCash for their efforts, but also helps them maintain healthy habit starting with small steps.” 

Credit list:

Saatchi & Saatchi Hong Kong

Alexis Chiu, Group Managing Director

KamFatt Chen, Managing Partner – Strategy and Transformation

Anthony Chung, Planning Director

Christopher Lee, Group Creative Director

Hubert Yeung, Associate Creative Director

Jane Wong, Copywriter

Adrian Kwong, Account Director

Isabelle Wu, Senior Account Manager

Stephanie Li, Account Executive

Such Films

Maisy Choi, Director

Him Chan, Producer

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