KFC is Standing up for Chicken this Christmas

KFC is the UK’s chicken champion. Whilst the nation may get distracted with other poultry on the upcoming big day (the 25th December, if you needed reminding), KFC uses the festive period to remind the Great British Public that chicken is on offer for the other 364 days of the year.

Turkey can have its 24 hours in the spotlight. But it is strictly time-limited to that one day a year. Christmas may be for turkey, but chicken rules the roost, year-round.

November 12 sees the launch of KFC’s epic Christmas campaign developed by Mother. Featuring timely and pointed activity online, in press and outdoor media, plus a cinematic feast on TV and, erm, cinema. At the heart of it all is KFC’s unwavering belief that chicken is better than turkey – let’s be honest, given the choice, we all know which we’d prefer on our plate: dry and bland turkey or delicious KFC?

To bring this to life, there are a number of sharp truisms deployed throughout November and December – all crafted to bring that knowing nod out of the chicken-loving fraternity. These include “Best of luck with the turkey this Christmas” and “The trick to enjoying Christmas turkey? Lowering your expectations.”

Then there is the ultimate expression of the two birds taking each other on… in a Western-style film, chicken and turkey meet each other in a duel-inspired stand-off. Set in a winter vista, we follow chicken’s journey through a snow-covered landscape, until meeting turkey. In a show of force, the chicken’s attitude is more than a match for turkey’s size. Chicken reigns supreme.

Monica Pool, Marketing Director of KFC UK & Ireland: “We close our restaurants on the 25th allowing turkey to have its moment in the sun. Every other day of the year, you needn’t worry, KFC will be there.”

Hermeti Balarin, Partner at Mother: “There’s only one day of the year in which you can’t get your favourite fried chicken, KFC. And that’s the 25th of December. Chicken rules the roost on the other 364 days.”

Source: Mother

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