KFC Provides a New Path to Mindfulness with KFChill Launch

KFC, in partnership with Mother London, is launching KFChill – a fun way to be mindful in the run up to Mindfulness Day on 12th September. It aims to encourage fried chicken fans to enjoy that moment of calm away from their hectic days.

Our lives are full of stress and clutter. With KFChill this can dissipate away, allowing focus on things that actually matter. Using a light-hearted approach, KFChill aims to bring the fun to mindfulness. It’s well-known that the sound of falling rain, ocean waves and fire crackling can all help to bring a sense of calm to our increasingly hectic minds, and most experts agree that some noise is excellent in helping to switch-off from distraction.

The range of “pink noises” that make up the KFChill repertoire – all derived from the KFC kitchen – include:

  • Frying Original Recipe Chicken
  • Simmering Regular Gravy
  • Sizzling Bacon

Not only do they sound delicious, but they also stimulate the more relaxing end of the sensory scale, with KFChill’s collection of pink noises selected to aid relaxation and focus.

Pink noise is the most common noise found in biological systems, it is a type of sound in which every octave carries the same power or a perfectly consistent frequency, helping the listener to really relax and focus. Not only does it help you relax, it helps you sleep better and lay down stronger memories.

Hermeti Balarin, Partner at Mother commented: “Forget falling rain or crackling fire. Nothing beats the sound of frying chicken or sizzling bacon to get your mind to relax.”

All of this has been brought to life in the KFChill taster film which is supported by paid social across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, plus direct communications with the KFC Colonel’s Club. The KFChill hub contains the full range of relaxation-inducing films.

Source: Mother London

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