Lewis Moberly create identity for Coconutea, a new player in the organic food and beverage sector

Coconutea launches Organic King Coconut water drinks featuring naming, brand identity and packaging design, by leading design agency Lewis Moberly.

Coconutea will be launching Direct To Consumer, through their own website and Amazon, Lewis Moberly also spearheaded the design and creation of the website, to ensure a seamless brand expression and consumer experience.

A holistic approach to health

Coconutea is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Sanjiv Rai and Calvin Lobendhan to extol the virtues and health benefits of King Coconut water.

They partnered with Lewis Moberly to create a holistic design solution that would have the potential to disrupt the luxury health drink market.

The King Coconut is native to Sri Lanka and has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic treatments and medicines. Despite being well known in Sri Lanka, the benefits of King Coconut are little understood in the West. In Coconutea, the King coconut water is combined with the finest Sri Lankan green tea and natural fruit flavourings to create a new organic, health-optimising drink.

Calvin, co-founder of Coconutea commented:“As a native Sri Lankan I have been brought up to understand the benefits of drinking King Coconut water. I wanted to bring a luxury health drink to the UK market which combined the health benefits of King Coconut water along with the delicious tastes of premium Sri Lankan green teas and natural fruit flavourings.”

Designed to differentiate

Coconutea targets the affluent, young and health conscious – an over-catered consumer market.

The first step came in the naming of the brand. ‘Coconutea’ aptly sums up the ingredients and joyfulness of the brand – a simple, vibrant and nourishing concoction of King Coconut with refreshing tea flavours.

Our challenge lay in how to cut through. We developed a packaging design, which let the name do the talking, heroing the product and dispensing with outdated juicy coconut graphics” commented Emily Fox, Creative Director, Lewis Moberly.

The refreshing drink is presented in single-serve 250ml, easy-recycle, glass bottles; an important consideration of the design and brand overall. The ‘Coconu’ echoes the rounded shape of this exotic fruit whilst the ‘Tea’ has a more spontaneous experimentation letter. The design separates the two main ingredients, engaging the consumer.

Pops of muted colours and a graphic rendering of palm tree leaves, sit atop the lid and seal the drink to denote the six flavour variants: lemonpeachpineapplesoursoppassion fruit and strawberry.

Sanjivand Calvin also wanted to ensure that accents of Sri Lankan culture – the inspiration behind the brand and was communicated in the brand identity. On the seal of the lids, Sinhalese icons, meaning ‘King’ are incorporated in the design, reinforcing provenance and authenticity.

Sanjiv, co-founder of Coconutea commented: “Lewis Moberly has been an excellent partner to us in helping bring our vision to life to create an attractive brand that will entice our target market and gain penetration. As a startup, it was important to lean on their expertise in developing a compelling design and identity that brings our simple brand narrative to life. There is an increasing demand for products, that are honest, transparent, sustainably sourced and well presented. We believe that all of these tensions have been resolved in this simple yet impactful design.”

SourceLewis Moberly & FAB News

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