Life Is In The Air: The Bubble-Making NEXO

In a new digital-first campaign for Hyundai Motor Company, the Berlin-based creative agency Jung von Matt SPREE shows how climate-neutral mobility works using hydrogen. As part of this effort, the team at Jung von Matt SPREE is transforming one of Hyundai Motor’s hydrogen-powered NEXO cars into a “Bubble-making NEXO”. To visually illustrate that the NEXO emits only clean water – and absolutely no climate-harming emissions – the campaign transforms the water from the tailpipe into big soap bubbles filled with plant seeds. That is what sustainability looks like.

As Global Digital Lead Agency for Hyundai since April 2021, Jung von Matt SPREE is responsible for all global social media channels as well as the global website of the South Korean car manufacturer. The collaboration also includes the social advertising budget as well as influencer and PR activities.

“‘Life is in the Air’ might sound like a cheesy pop song, but that’s exactly what our Bubble- making NEXO is all about. By emitting bubbles filled with flower seeds, it breathes life into the air. Through this small, symbolic act of guerrilla gardening, it also playfully gets to the heart of what the NEXO stands for: joy, technology and sustainability”, says Sarah Buggle, Creative Director at Jung von Matt in Berlin.

For the campaign, Hyundai Motor and Jung von Matt hired the Berlin-based creative design studio Neulant van Exel to come up with a device that can magically create bubbles using water and oxygen coming straight from the tailpipe of the NEXO and then fill them with tiny seeds.

In short stories, the campaign shows the Bubble-making NEXO driving in and around Berlin – sowing wildflowers as it passes by. This makes it possible to visually portray the clean power of hydrogen. “The Bubble-making NEXO sows joy”, explains director Julius Krappe. “When the hydrogen car drives by and – instead of exhaust fumes – blows out flower seeds, it becomes clear: climate-friendly mobility works.”

The NEXO is the result of 20 years of pioneering work by Hyundai Motor in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technology. The multimedia campaign for the Bubble-making NEXO playfully showcases this pioneering achievement – for everyone who is passionate about cars and engineering as well as sustainability and smart climate protection.

The campaign is now being played out with new digital formats on Hyundai’s global Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels. The specific dovetailing of media and creation also plays an important role. Among other things, tips are shared there on so-called “bubble gardening; where you utilize bubbles to help spread and plant seeds – a form of guerrilla gardening was coined by the campaign itself.

And to top it off, a roughly five-minute “engineer story” will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the plant-seed-filled bubbles. In it, the camera follows the Neulant van Exel team as it designs the box with seeds and bubbles wands – repeatedly testing, improving and mounting.

On Hyundai’s social media channels, one of the engineers also gives an insight into how his team brought the Bubble-making NEXO to life for the campaign.

Responsible for the campaign

Client: Hyundai Motor Company
Agency: Jung von Matt SPREE, netzeffekt Production: Neulant van Exel, JvM PLAY, Digitalsinn

Source: Jung von Matt

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