LinkedIn Influencer ‘Call Me Joce’ Joins Netrush, Modern Ecommerce Platform, To Head Up Marketing

Ecommerce growth platform, which helps brands thrive on Amazon and other emerging marketplaces, appoints founder, entrepreneur and marketer, Joce Macdonald, to lead corporate marketing strategy.

Jocelyn Macdonald aka ‘Call Me Joce,’ for her online LinkedIn strategies consultancy and coaching for modern sellers, has been appointed Head of Marketing at Netrush.

The ecommerce growth platform, which partners with impact-minded brands to provide expertise, technology, and teams needed to thrive on Amazon, has hired the ex Ten Gun Design VP of Sales and 4PERSCENT founder, to manage its corporate marketing strategy.

Joce Macdonald, says:  “With extensive background in sales and marketing, I’ll be driving Netrush’s brand presence, sales enablement efforts and overall growth, with a keen focus on generating leads and attracting new consumer brands and channel partners alike. Spearheading a nimble team of integrated marketers, strategists, and content creators our goal is to create an exceptional experience bolstered by modern tech for brands we aspire to partner with at first touch.”

Justin Marshall, Chief Growth Officer, Netrush, adds:  “Joce is an entrepreneur and business owner herself, making her the  perfect fit to lead Netrush’s marketing efforts globally. She consistently brings her understanding of scalable growth and the necessity for brand individualism to everything she does, always pushing for the bigger ‘why,’ and injecting more value into the industry.  For her, “business-as-usual” is never enough.”

During her career both in and out of creative agency sales, Joce has partnered with clients such as EA, Blizzard, Universal Studios, LucasFilm, Amazon, Funko, Ferrari, The Seattle Seahawks and more. Alongside her creative teams, projects have ranged in nature from brand strategy and identity support, content creation, copywriting, web work and connected experiences.

Source: Netrush

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