McDonald’s creates a special league of ‘McNificent’ superheroes for Ronald McDonald House Charities

McDonald’s | McNificents – Keano from Ambassadors on Vimeo.

McDonald’s Netherlands is taking its support for the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund one step further by showing the kids that the charity supports for what they are: superheroes. These superheroes are children who often have to stay in the hospital for a longer period of time due to a serious illness. Thanks to the Ronald McDonald Houses, their family can then be close to them.

On 27 November, Happy Meals throughout the Netherlands will include one of three superhero figurines based on three real kids – Fleur, Julien and Keano – otherwise known under their new alias The McNificents. Three sixty-second animated action films starring each McNificent are now showing across TV and online and raise awareness for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which offers nearby housing to families with children in hospital.

Each film shows how The McNificents fight day in day out with monsters powered by a unique superpower based on their illness. Super power given by their family being that close because of the Ronald McDonald Houses. Dressed in her favourite colour pink, Fleur uses her voice to fight glass monsters due to her throat illness. Julien needs breathing support, and with this he can become big and strong and fight monsters much larger than him. Keano suffered from a heart attack a young age, so he can take on bad guys by controlling electricity from his heart. Each film includes voice-over from the kids themselves. 

McDonald’s | McNificents – Juliën from Ambassadors on Vimeo.

Annemarie Swijtink, Director Marketing, Communications & Consumer Insight van McDonald’s Nederland: “Our Happy Meal is the symbol for our connection with Ronald McDonald House Charities. With the McNificents we added an extra dimension to this connection that already exists for 35 years. And I love to see how Fleur, Keano and Juliën tell their story with these figurines and through the animations.’’

McDonald’s and Ronald McDonald House worked closely with Amsterdam-based agency TBWA\Neboko to come up with an idea that raised awareness for the charity in a way that celebrates the kids’ strength, not illness. Creative production studio Ambassadors was then brought on board to bring the concept to life, from art direction, through creating personalised superpowers for each kid, toy design, animation and production of these stories. 

Darre van Dijk, Chief Creative Officer, TBWA\NEBOKO : “It is a one of kind campaign with a lot of emotion. Everyone involved with the McNificents worked on it with a lot of love, this shows in every part of the campaign. I am very proud that we got to do this together with McDonald’s and Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund.”

McDonald’s | McNificents – Fleur from Ambassadors on Vimeo.

Patritia Pahladsingh, Managing Director, TBWA\NEBOKO; ‘’When you are able to combine impact for your brand with impact within society, you win on two fronts. This is how you build a foundation for healthy growth.’’
Vincent Lammers, creative director and partner, Ambassadors: “These kids are incredible, and they’re fighting this all like superheroes. When TBWA\Neboko came to us with the idea, it instantly became a project really close to our hearts and we worked hard to make their characters, superpowers and stories as cool as they can be. We hope we made Fleur, Julien and Keano proud!”

With each purchase of the Happy Meal, McDonald’s donates to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The films are rolling out now on TV, online and social media till 27 November, when the McNificents will be given when buying a Happy Meal on that very day.


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