Mercado Livre combat unfair shipping with new #StopAbusiveShipping campaign

With an ongoing political crisis, Brazilians are increasingly concerned about political matters in the country. They keep a close eye on every news story about the Government and are actively discussing the issues on social media.

One such issue was the fact that state-owned Correios had imposed a 51% increase in shipping. Something that affects everyone who buys or sells through the internet.

Online retailer Mercado Livre, together with creative agency REF+, decided to bring light to this issue by launching a protest with the hashtag #StopAbusiveShipping.

Everyone who would send a letter or an order was invited to participate. All they had to do was write the campaign hashtag on the box, or on the envelope they were posting and let Correios, themselves help spread the message all over Brazil.

With zero investment, Mercado Livre impacted millions of Brazilians and fought for the right to buy online with a fair shipping.


Agency: REF+
Client: Mercado Libre
Title: #StopAbusiveShipping
CCO: Renato Pereira
Creative Director: Deny Zatariano
Art Director: Fernando Pereira
Writing by Rodrigo Coletto
COO: Ricardo Calfat
Service Manager: Regina Cuxinier
Audio Producer: Animal Studios

Source: REF+

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