New Design Studio So Far So Good Rebrands Plastic Free Fridays For Pivotal Plastic Reduction Campaign

New digital-first design studio So Far So Good (SF/SG) has unveiled its debut campaign with a radical brand redesign and social media campaign assets for grassroots movement Plastic Free Fridays.

SF/SG, which is part of the Be Optimistic Group, has revamped Plastic Free Fridays’ brand logo, website and online assets, incorporating the colour pink to enable the cause to stand out in a sector saturated with palettes of blues and greens. 

The rebrand leverages social storytelling and entertainment tactics to educate people and provide tangible solutions to the plastic crisis. SF/SG created a suite of Instagram templates, stories, and animated gifs that live within the Instagram platform to help Plastic Free Fridays bring the brand to life, while utilising trends like kinetic typography to boost engagement on social channels.

The new assets will be the cornerstones of a pivotal social media campaign by LA-based Plastic Free Fridays. The aim is to encourage people to eradicate single-use plastics from their daily consumption by first encouraging them to refuse single-use plastic products every Friday and then develop further changes in consumption patterns towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

With many aware of the issues created by the single-use plastics crisis but few directly affected by them, Plastic Free Fridays needed to tap into the social conscience of its followers and foster a movement to educate individuals and change behaviour at scale. SF/SG redesigned the brand to appeal to individuals of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles while celebrating its existence as a young movement, built by young people.

Ben Harwood, Creative Director and Co-founder at So Far So Good said: “It has been amazing to work with such pioneers for good on such an important cause. The process has been collaborative and Plastic Free Fridays were open to experimental ideas and creativity. The values inherent in Plastic Free Fridays align strongly with our ethos to deliver insight-driven, digital-first branding for ethical start-ups and trailblazers.”

Sierra Quitiquit – Co-founder and Chief Visionary at Plastic Free Fridays said: “Plastic Free Fridays started with the belief that everyone’s actions matter. We are all living in a time of great change and evolution and we were keen to create a community built around positive impact, inclusivity, and action. Just over a year after our initial launch we are thrilled to have worked alongside So Far So Good to create a brand look that is as fresh and bold as our thinking. We look forward to a future geared towards progress, collective action and making the world a better place.”

The campaign aims to encourage the avoidance of 2,500 metric tons of single-use plastics per year in the United States and has ambitions to raise awareness globally.

This is So Far So Good’s debut campaign since its launch in November 2019 by founder and Creative Director, Ben Harwood who is also European Creative Director at Feed agency.  Both So far So Good and Feed are part of the Be Optimistic Group.

Source: So Far So Good

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