NIVEA Creates An Ad That Charges Cellphones With Solar Energy

SKIN-CARE brand Nivea has created a solar-powered mobile phone charger.

The bizarre move from the folks at Nivea was made to ensure people read its sunscreen ad – its solar-powered sunscreen ad.

The company took out a full-page ad in a Brazilian magazine and decked it out with solar panels and a charging port you can plug your phone into.

All people need to do is to leave the ad in sunlight and sit back while their phone charges.

The company created a YouTube ad to show-off its creation, branded with the tagline: “You don’t need to leave the sun for anything”.

No doubt the company has some market research which tells it that the good people of Brazil often read said magazine on the beach. And what better way to get people to buy it than to offer a mobile phone charger that can charge while you’re frolicking on the Brazilian shore.

There is a certain irony, however, in a skin-care brand pushing people to “only leave the beach when the sun leaves too.”

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