Ottomate and The Womb bring some ‘Common Sense’ into smart fan innovations

In a category that has seen next to no meaningful innovation in the last 100 years, Ottomate plans to bring innovations to fans that today’s Indians truly want. They launched their fans in most markets in the country in the last month, and will now support the brand’s launch with a communications campaign with some help from The Womb.

Vishal Sehgal – CEO & MD, Ottomate, commented: “We want to make homes engaging and intuitive. Our products have been designed to make everyday lives better and easier. The smart features in our fans go way beyond aesthetic touch-ups or fancy claims, and are meant to truly make a difference to how people benefit from this category.”

Commenting on the campaign, Kawal Shoor – Founding Partner – The Womb, said: “After Saregama Carvaan, this is our next foray into helping our client first zero in on the right innovation that home-owners will truly value. Vishal and his team brought a lot of ideas on how to improve the everyday fan, and from there on, it was a pleasure to work with the Ottomate team to bring those ideas to life. We partnered them in mapping a multitude of use cases, took them to consumers to validate the value of each, and shortlisted the ones that the client should launch in the first year. The bottom-line was – the innovation has to be so obvious in hindsight (the best ones usually are), that people could say – ‘hai na common-sense-wali baat’.”

Navin Talreja – Founding Partner – The Womb, stated: “For the brand’s unique Auto Mode feature (The fan automatically adjusts its speed according to the temperature in the room), the communication needed to be simple. Chats with potential consumers threw up a scenario of people having to get-up from their sleep to change the speed of the fan in the middle of the night. The creative approach was to dramatize this pain point but do so in a way that breaks codes of fan advertising and brings alive the feature of the fan( the solution) in the most dramatic manner and with a dash of humor. We are happy that Vishal and the team at Ottomate were willing to go beyond the regular grammar of storytelling for the launch.”

Suyash Khabya – Creative Partner, The Womb, added: “When a product feature is so kickass, creative ideas just roll. Humour in life can come from death too. That’s what happens in this film. Also while executing it, we were very mindful to not go over-the-top. We underplayed the satire and kept it subtle.”

Ottomate is one of the first brands to launch itself in the IoT space in the country. The brand has also taken a very focused approach on media planning; the media plan for the campaign is heavily skewed to News channels in the politically tense elections environment.

Source: The Womb

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