Papa John’s Tap Rakuten Marketing to Drive Digital Sales in Yorkshire

PapaJohns-1Papa John’s, the third largest pizza delivery company in the world, is working with digital marketing company, Rakuten Marketing to drive digital sales through location targeting and raise awareness of a York store opening – its first in Yorkshire.

Papa John’s is using Rakuten Marketing’s targeting technology to pinpoint their core audience within a three mile radius of the store, the catchment area for Papa John’s deliveries. A programmatic purchasing plan will find the best method of targeting the right audience base combining a hyper-local mobile only campaign layered with a cross-device campaign approach.

David Carey, Digital Marketing Manager at Papa John’s comments: “Rakuten Marketing’s geo-fencing technology coupled with their prospecting and retargeting display solutions, allows us to accurately identify a specific audience and engage with them based on their behaviour across devices. By understanding our customers’ location, as well as relevant websites they are visiting on mobile, we can reach the most engaged and relevant target audience.”

The campaign will also be refined for the target market based on the time of day that a user is most likely to purchase to ensure relevancy and drive conversions.

Rakhee Jogia, Director of Display at Rakuten Marketing comments: “On the cross-device campaign, Papa John’s is seeing 57% of its conversions coming from mobile,so a mobile-first campaign is a must.The results show the significant role smartphone plays in the wider path to purchase, identifying key insights into cross-device behaviour.”

Research from the campaign to date shows that 40% of Papa John’s orders in the cross device targeting strategy are attributed to a different device to where the impression originated. The biggest driver of these cross-device orders is between smartphone and desktop, however, 38% of those who start a journey to purchase on a tablet convert via a smartphone, showing the various ways consumers interchange between devices.

Rakhee adds: “Mobile is a pivotal touch point in helping to generate overall sales for a business. We know from our research that most consumers research on mobile before buying through desktop so having this full picture of the journey to purchase is crucial to gaining actionable insight into consumer purchasing behaviour and ensuring final conversions.”

So far, Papa John’s has already seen a strong £2:1 return on ad spend for the mobile only targeting campaign and impressive £22:1 return on ad spend (ROAS) for the cross-device campaign.

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