PUBG celebrates ‘The Worst Player In The World’ in new campaign by AKQA

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) defined the battle royale online gaming genre, and while easy to learn, it’s notoriously difficult to master. Each game includes 100 participants that are determined to win, no matter how many times they lose along the way.

PUBG Corporation has now partnered with AKQA to tell the story of these players’ unconditional love for the game, with the short film series ‘The Worst Player In The World.’

This suite of six films chronicles the adventures of the game’s most experienced novice, Reggie, as he haplessly and loveably explores the game’s various environments and scenarios, mixing epic PUBG action with signature humour. While each film offers a clear lesson in how not to play the game, they together represent the joy and excitement that keeps people flocking back to the PUBG universe to embrace its myriad of challenges.

Traditionally, game designers have introduced new titles with the trope of an invincible action hero who somehow navigates impossible scenarios and evades all competition. PUBG now discards this unrealistic expectation, and instead reflects the true, human nature of its gaming experience.

Reggie takes viewers on an adventure through the unpredictable, action-packed PUBG universe, and he makes every novice mistake along the way, while also showing that anyone can play and enjoy PUBG, regardless of their experience or skill level. 

PUBG NA Marketing Brand Manager, David Chung said: “Through Reggie, we wanted to celebrate the journey it takes to taste that covetous chicken dinner. It’s okay to get blasted by your own grenade, knocked out by a surprise right-hook, or even don clothes that draw a bit too much attention. The fun in PUBG lies in every little moment that happens in the game, so when you do taste that sweet victory, you’re ready to jump right back into the island and do it all again.”

AKQA Executive Creative Director Josh Combs said: “PUBG is full of amazing players and ridiculous ways to get eliminated. Looking at those elements, from the perspective of the player who constantly feels their wrath, felt like a fun way to appeal to new gamers.” 

The series launched on YouTube on 24th July 2019.

Source: AKQA

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