Renewable Innovations and E-Link Commuting Co. Ltd Collaborate to Accelerate Net-Zero Waterway Transportation

Companies to bring electric power to water taxi and ferries across the globe

Renewable Innovations, a firm dedicated to clean, green renewable power solutions, and e-Link Commuting Co. Ltd (eLC), a company transforming human and package mobility on the water, announced a collaboration to develop a new class of electric waterway vessels, powered entirely by sustainable energy. 

To design and build this new class of vessels, the two companies will combine extensive sustainable energy expertise with deep understanding and experience in the transportation sector. The e-Link team will focus on the technical aspects of the boat design and propulsion motors, while Renewable Innovations will help design the vessel’s internal power and battery storage systems, as well as the dockside charging station.

 “We are seeing the acceleration of interest in our renewable Hydrogen-powered solutions to help companies deliver on their carbon-reduction goals,” noted CEO, Renewable Innovations, Robert Mount. “This is really the perfect use case where our combined battery and Hydrogen Fuel Cell systems can immediately deliver the exceptional customer experience that the e-Link shuttle platform is looking to deliver – an odorless, noiseless, zero carbon footprint solution.

“Imagine ferrying across the historical river routes in cities, cruising along the majestic coastal waterways, or exploring stunning archipelago of islands, with zero engine noise, no exhaust fumes and knowing your use of this vessel, whether an operator or commuter, is making a difference to climate change ,” said e-Link Founder Andrew Vaucrosson

“When the e-Link shuttles are dockside, they will simply tether to our Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered systems and recharge in minutes,” added Mount. “We’ve got small portable units that pack single 180 kW chargers or our large scale EMPOWER systems that deliver multiple 200 kW and above charging stations. Renewable Innovations charging systems operate independent of the grid, meaning there is no need to tie into the grid or to build out expensive and timely grid-tie charging units.”

Source: Renewable Innovations

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