Serviceplan Dubai: BMW ‘Joy at First Sight’

Serviceplan Dubai teamed up with BMW Middle East on the 2021 BMW Ramadan campaign – ‘Joy At First Sight’ –  a beautiful 60’ online film made to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan by taking viewers on a metaphorical journey to the Moon.

In the ‘Joy at first sight’ spot, the eternal glow of Ramadan meets Sheer Driving Pleasure.Ramadan is an auspicious month-long festival during which up to 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide don’t eat or drink between sunrise and sunset. ‘Joy at First Sight’ distills into a cinematic journey, the collective anticipation in Muslims around the world to get a glimpse of the young crescent moon.


Agency: Serviceplan Dubai 

Client: BMW Middle East 

Title: Joy at First Sight 

Serviceplan Dubai:

General Manager: Natalie 

Executive Creative Director: Akhilesh Bagri

Creative Director: Andre Couto

Head of Arabic copy: Khalil Haddad  

Senior Art Director: Kenny Barnes 

Group Account Director: Ona Linda Johnson 

Account Executive: Saed Shaka 

Production House: Big Foot 

Director: Alan Masferrer

Executive Producer: Aly Seifelnasr

Producer: Yanny Sanchez 

BMW Middle East: 

Ali Khairallah – Head of Marketing

Yamen Al Agha – Marketing Manager

Lars Nielsen – Director, Sales and Marketing 

Source: Serviceplan Dubai

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