Startup, Pure Rush Soap, Taps Some Big Names to Launch New Irreverent Campaign Highlighting Commitment to Ethical Values

Startup Pure Rush Soap brings in family friend Mark Wenneker to help them get their brand off the ground. Wenneker pulled in a few friends himself, including Hungry Man’s Dave Laden, content creation studio Logan, comedian Andrew Donnelly, and Amalgam’s Ned Wallroth.

At the core of the campaign lies Pure Rush’s unwavering commitment to transparency and integrity. The campaign consists of three spots, one testimonial, one :60 second and one :30 that highlight Pure Rush’s plant-based ingredients, ensuring that each soap bar remains free from artificial fragrances, dyes, detergents, sulfates and GMOs. In one advertisement, Adventurous Spokesperson Romin Wild discusses the benefits of Pure Rush Soap while being gnawed on by a lion. “No animals were harmed in the making of this soap. Well, that’s good for the animals,” the spokesperson quips while his foot is held tightly in the grip of a fully grown lion. 

The audacious theme continues in a longer piece where we witness two elephants mating, a giraffe leisurely chewing on grass, and a genuinely surprised monkey amidst straightforward product dialogue. In another extended segment, the same spokesperson talks about how Pure Rush Soap is “raising the bar of soap,” awkwardly holding a bar of soap over their heads. Suddenly, an incredibly curious hummingbird enters the frame (almost Tinkerbell-like), interrupting the spokesperson mid-speech. “What are you doing here? It’s a ‘raising the bar’ joke. It’s a metaphor.”

The videos conclude with the line “Leave the World a Little Cleaner,” underscoring Pure Rush’s mission, which is quite apropos for a spokesperson facing near-death while articulating the company’s purpose. The brand is dedicated to not only delivering high-quality, natural soap products but also making a meaningful impact on the planet. By allocating a portion of its profits to essential causes and organizations, Pure Rush actively contributes to tackling some of the most urgent global challenges, including climate change, access to clean water and sustainable food supply.

Pure Rush aims to eschew the typically sensitive and “woke” tone of most purpose-driven companies. Instead, they employ irreverent comedy to convey their message.

Pure Rush believes that businesses can prosper while simultaneously making a significant contribution to the planet. Through this campaign, the brand not only unveils its commitment to purity and sustainability but also reinforces the power that each individual holds in shaping a cleaner, brighter future for all.


Source: Pure Rush Soap

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