STOCKS TAYLOR BENSON Unveils New Brand Identity For Homeware Specialist OGGI

Bold rebrand developed to reflect ‘a life well lived’

Stocks Taylor Benson (STB) today unveils the new brand identity created for homeware specialist Oggi, which captures the passion and friendliness of the brand, bringing to life its mission to help people enhance their lifestyles in an aspirational but affordable way. 

STB designed Oggi’s new visual identity to elevate the products, powering a lifestyle-focused brand that reflects ‘a life well lived’. This is a step-change from many of Oggi’s competitors where functionality of product is their main focus.  

At the heart of Oggi’s new identity is a relatable brand personality that reflects candid, real-life moments. These could be anything from gossiping with friends over an ice-cold cocktail, to reminiscing with your mum over a cup of coffee, to discussing home improvement plans with your partner while organising your new kitchen cupboards.

STB’s new Oggi logotype unlocks a rich variety of brand applications. In particular, the distinctive flourish on the ‘o’ becomes a subtle yet memorable device to be stamped into the corner of lifestyle imagery, or engraved onto products themselves. 

To build further brand equity, the flourish may replace speech marks and ellipses on headlines or large-format quotes. It also translates into a distinctive decorative pattern for use across a wide variety of communications, from packaging to brochures to trade-show wallpaper.

Oggi has a broad portfolio of products that span 10 distinct categories, including: Barware; Fresh; Prep; Brew; Clean; Refresh; Neat; Sink; Barcart; and Serve. These are all colour-coded as part of STB’s identity system, using warm, homely hues that complement the contemporary feel of the muted, neutral primary brand palette.

Fun, playful lifestyle copy such as “Makes a mean Margarita” or “Make a mess in the kitchen” helps bring Oggi’s quirky brand personality to life. Across the packaging range, stylish cut-out product photography sits alongside evocative lifestyle imagery that makes an aspirational ‘life well lived’ feel achievable. 

Lois Blackhurst, Executive Creative Director at Stocks Taylor Benson, comments: 

“The new identity for homeware brand Oggi was designed to capture its passion and friendliness, bringing to life its mission to help people enhance their lifestyles affordably.

“A key challenge of the brief was that Oggi products needed to feel aspirational as well as accessible, so the visual identity was created to elevate the products and give them a desirability far beyond their functional use, setting Oggi apart from its competitors.” 

Will Symonds, President at Oggi California, comments: 

“A New year, and a new look Oggi! We are delighted to present the newly rebranded Oggi in all its glory and kudos to STB for helping to craft our fantastic new identity.” 

Source: Stocks Taylor Benson (STB)

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